About Us

Quattro G s.a.s. was established in 1984 by acquisition of the company Milano Targhe, operating  on the market since 1960.


The company is now at the third generation, focused on production of customized Aluminium and Steel plates for industry and other applications.


Our wide experience allow us to support the customers in the selection of the best solution to fully satisfy their requirements.

Our Aluminium Plates are manufactured with the following processes :

Silk-screening using epoxy based ink.
Printing absorption with special inks  which guarantees  extremely high resistance to any kind of contaminants, from weathering ( including UV rays) , up to solvents , thinners and mechanical stress

Our plates can be used indoor and outdoor in different applications and can be classified as :

-Industrial plates for application on electrical engines-pumps-electrical resistences-industrial valves-instrumentation and anywhere an identification of the product and the manufacturer is required

– Elevator plates, for  the indication of the service company  and of rules and regulations
– Laser printing Plates
– Plates for industrial packaging
– Plates for inventory and assets where the use of serial numbers and barcodes is required

Our steel plates are manufactured with the following processes :
Silk screen with epoxy ink for high resistance to contaminants

  • By EDM ( Electric Discharge Machining). This technology allows to obtain completely indelible steel plates

The base material utilized is stainless steel AISI 304-316-316 L suitable for application also in petrochemical plants, offshore platforms and marine environment.

Our internally developed software is capable to realize any kind of graphical solution. All plates are designed in cooperation starting from their own drawing or draft.

Moreover, our plant is fully equipped to satisfy any requirement of machining and surface finishing.